Hall Farm Complex
Great Hallingbury



The small lake is approximately 0.5 acres. Weed fringed with depths up to 4 feet. There are 16 pegged swims


Species: Carp, Crucian, Roach, Rudd









The large lake is approximately 1.5 acres. The depth varies up to 7 feet . There are 26 pegged platformed swims. The lake is only 3 years old and generously stocked.

This lake may be pre-booked for match fishing by contacting the club secretary.

Species: Barbel, Carp (Crucian, Common, Mirror & F1's), Roach, Rudd





How to get there

From the M11 Roundabout (Bishops Stortford) take the B1256 (old A120) to Dunmow. At the Esso station on the left take the road opposite to Great Hallingbury.
Follow the road (past the Beggars Hall fishery) all the way to Great Hallingbury. Just after the village hall the road goes into a dip, at the bottom of the dip on the right there is a gate
which is the entrance to the fishery.

Post code: CM22 7TP

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Fishing Blog


The match lake has fished well this season with pleasure and match anglers recording 100lb plus weights. Carp up to 11lb, Bream up to 4lb, perch up to 2lb 14oz and F1' up to 3lb have all been recorded in anglers catches. This lake will continue to improve with the recently stocked mirrors and commons packing on weight, the bream bulking up and perch up to 4lb a possibility. The small stock lake is enjoyed by many of our pleasure anglers with carp up to 9lb, quality roach and numerous crucians being caught.


Hall Farm Large Lake.Following their introduction good sized perch to over 2lb are being caught close in to the margins on maggot or worm. There are plenty of small silver fish to small baits with occasional better fish. F1s and carp make up the bigger weights with match weights this year to 30lb, typically catches get better as the weather warms up. Banded pellet and meat are reliable baits and help avoid the smaller silvers.
A recent match in July had the top two weights over 40lb. Pleasure anglers are getting a carp a chuck on the right peg so consider moving swims if you are not getting bites regularly.
The small lake since re-opening in June has fished well. Two committee members fished the lake during a mid-July evening and caught 75 carp from a few ounces to 6lb, roach and rudd to 1lb 6oz and some crucians. Pellet and sweetcorn were the baits used. 


The large lake has remained open throughout the winter and the closed season. Fishing here is very easy at the moment for F1s, silverfish and the bonus bigger carp. To draw the F1s into the swim the ‘little and often’ baiting approach is very successful. Baits resistant to the smaller silver fish need to be used if carp are the main target.
The small lake fished well over winter with carp averaging 3lbs being caught easily. Anglers fishing for crucians fished as tight to the reeds as possible.


The small lake is fishing well. Small crucians and carp can be caught readily fished tight in the margins.
Good catches of carp from large lake on pellet fished shallow.


The small lake fishes well for small carp to 5lb and crucians. There are some roach and rudd well over the pound mark. Maggots will catch the hoards of small silver fish so fish larger baits to avoid nuisance fish. This is an easy water where bites are guaranteed particularly with pellets, sweetcorn and luncheon meat.

The large lake is primarily a match fishing lake stocked with carp to 6lb, F1 hybrids and barbel. Matches have been won with over 100lb of fish and nets over 50lb are common in the summer. Most tatics work but regularly feeding will lead to biggest catches.

Since the onset of winter the small lake is still producing good catches of small carp and crucians. Fishing on the larger lake has been difficult this may be due to the attention of cormorants unsettling the fish during the day. To prevent this lines have been temporarily been placed across the lake to stop the cormorants landing but spaced so that the lake can still be fished.