Rules, Regulations & BYE-LAWS


1.The present bye-laws of the Environment Agency shall be observed at all times. Attention to the Environment Agency byelaw No. 10 (ii) concerning unattended rods.

2. Members must not, whilst on Society controlled waters, do any of the following. (i) Leave litter, unwanted food, tins, bottles, paper, polythene bags, nylon line, hooks etc. Members occupying a swim will be held responsible for the cleanliness of that swim. ANY ANGLER FOUND WITH LITTER IN THEIR SWIM WILL HAVE THEIR CARD MARKED WITH A WARNING. FURTHER BREACHES OF THIS RULE WILL ATTRACT AN AUTOMATIC BAN UNTIL THE NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING (see rule 13).(ii) Unduly tread down or otherwise damage the banks, fencing, vegetation or property of any fishery. (iii) Use any camping equipment e.g. stoves for cooking, tents, polythene sheeting, bedding etc. Recognised angling equipment may be used. (iv) Take or use transistor radios or similar to any enclosed fishery without personal headphones.

3. Banned baits on all Society controlled waters are as follows: Tiger nuts, peanuts, pet foods etc. Chrysodine and other carcinogenic-substance dyed maggots (safe coloured dyes may be used), bloodworm and joker, Boilies, pellets greater than 8mm. The use of gorge baits is strictly prohibited on all waters. No pre baiting, spodding or bait boats. Only two kilos of bait per person per 24 hour period may be used. All unused bait must be removed from the fishery and not thrown into the water.

4. No fish to be taken away from any fishery, killed or transferred from one fishery to another, other than for fishery management as agreed by the committee.

5. Members are allowed a maximum of one non-fishing guests on any of the Society waters.

6. Only one rod, line and hook to be used at any time on all Society waters with the following exceptions. Malcolm Barker Lake provided rule 7 is not contravened.When Pike fishing on the River Stort.

7. Two rods may be used on all society waters by senior members only so long as the rods are no more than 1 metre apart when in use.

8. All Members fishing Society waters and other venues must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Licence.

9. All Members must be in possession of their club card/cards when fishing Society waters. Senior Members have the right to ask any angler to produce their Membership Cards. Anglers who cannot produce their Membership Cards may be asked to leave the fishery.

10. There is no night fishing on any of the society waters. The Malcolm Barker Lake is from 6am and off the water by 10-30pm.

11. The taking to or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances on the Society controlled waters will attract an immediate ban and loss of membership.

12. No dogs are allowed at the Malcolm Barker Lake, Hall Farm or Beggars Hall Fishery.

13. Braided hook lengths cannot be used on any society water.

14. Fixed bolt rigs cannot be used on any society water.

15. Failure to observe any of the bye-laws of The Society will result in an immediate suspension until the next Committee Meeting. The Committee will then decide if there is any mitigating circumstance and take the appropriate action.

16. Any angler fishing club waters who is intentionally in pursuit of Carp, Tench or Pike, should be in possession of a purpose made padded unhooking mat with a minimum size of 2x3 feet, and a suitable sized landing net

17. Fishing in the lily pads is strictly prohibited.

18. Pike may only be fished for from October 1st to March 14th. on all society waters.

19. Guest tickets will cover all society waters excluding the River Stort. Tickets can be obtained from the secretary D Tadgell call 01279 654154. All tickets must be purchased in advance.


KEEPNET GUIDANCE (separate rules may apply in matches):
All nets must be completely dry before use (to minimise the risk of transferring infectious disease/parasites to the water).
All keepnets must be fish safe and a minimum of 3m in length.
Separate nets should be used for carp and silver fish (unless carp under 2lb).
No carp over 8lb or other species over 5lb to be retained in keepnets.
No fish to be retained for longer than 6 hours.
At least 2/3rds of the keepnet should be fully submerged when in use.
Maximum weight of fish in a keepnet should be no more than 50lb.
Tip fish back in carefully with the keepnet partially submerged in the water to help prevent fish damage and minimise scale lose.
During the summer months when the water is warm with low oxygen levels members are advised not to use keepnets. The committee reserves the right of discretion for a temporary ban on keepnets during adverse weather conditions.