Keepnet ban lifted March 2015

The committee have agreed to lift the keepnet ban on all waters. But we do ask that anglers who want to use keepnets to act responsibly to avoid the possiblity of introducing/spreading disease and also consider fish welfare.

Always ensure nets are completely dry before use. Limit the time fish are retained and consider photographing and returning specimen fish rather than retaining them. In particular small fish can be easily damaged by the weight of larger fish when lifting keepnets from the water.



Tench Malcolm Baker (June 2014)

Society committee member Jonathan Smales with a 4lb plus tench caught with 2 other tench in a 2 hour evening session. All 3 fish caught close into the margins. 






Tree surgery at Malcolm Baker (March 2014)

Trees around the lake and on the banks of the backstream have been either cut back or removed for management and safety reasons.

Beggars Hall Parking
UPDATE (15 April 2014): Due to recent dry weather, parking on the grass verges has been reinstated. Please use verges where signage indicates. Do not park under the weeping willows leading to the lake or infront of the gate leading into the horse paddock. 
Due to the recent wet weather fishermen were having difficulties driving their parked cars off the grass verges. Mr Streeter has kindly offered fishermen temporary parking in the farmyard forecourt. Please park sensibly and do not park in front of the boiler house, barn doors or driveways. There are signs at the fishery to indicate where to go.  



 River Stort Roach catches:

Some good nets of roach have been caught leading up to the recent cold snap. Take time to find the fish which will be shoaling up and some decent sport can be had. The best conditions are with a little bit of flow and colour in the water.





 Boot Pit News:

As a trial bivvies will be allowed on Boot Pit between 1st Oct 2013 and 31st March 2014. The result of this trial will be reviewed and discussed at next years AGM.  



Club outing Malcolm Barker Lake 4th August 2013

The last match on the lake was won with a catch of 31lb 10oz by Clive Miles. Several good tench were caught to 4lbs as well as some nice sized crucians.




Club member with one of the larger sized tench.








Tony Cruci (match secretary) with a 2lb crucian.


River Stort pollution 26th July 2013

On Friday at 26th July at 14.12hrs the club were informed of fish in distress or dead in the River Stort above Southmill Lock. We would like to thank those members who contacted us. The club immediately contacted the E.A. who was already aware of the situation and said that fishery staff were attending the incident.
Two committee members went to the site and found numbers of dead fish upstream of Southmill Lock. Most of the dead fish appeared to be roach and perch although a dead carp in double figures was seen. On Saturday a committee member walked the town stretch and reported seeing dead fish above the bridge at the Tanners Arms.
On Sunday two club members removed the dead fish between Southmill and Twyford Lock that had been swept downstream by boats passing through Southmill lock. Fish included roach and perch to ~1.5lbs, 3 bream to 5lbs, a few jack pike and a 4lb eel.
On Monday the E.A. and Canal Trust staff removed the remaining dead fish.
The fish deaths were thought to be related to the recent weather. During long hot periods the oxygen levels in water become low and followed by thunderstorms, water run-off can further de-oxygenate the water leading to fish deaths.
The total number of dead fish was in the 100s but plenty of small fish and a number of carp can be seen to have survived. The fishery below Southmill Lock was unaffected.
We would like to remind all members to be vigilant on all our waters particularly at this time of year and if they spot any dead or distressed fish to contact the club or E.A. Phone numbers can be found in the club book.
Beggars Hall tench catch July 2013
Some tench  to just over a pound and rudd caught close in on prawns in just a few hours fishing. The tench are packing on weight and hopefully will be approaching 2lbs next summer.
OAP Match Hall Farm (large lake) 5th July 2013

11 anglers fished this match and over 338lbs of fish were caught with a number of carp in the 3-4lb region.

Top weights:

1st Terry Tucker 76lbs from peg 16 (good catch of carp and several pounds of silver fish).

2nd John Pretious 52lb 4oz

3rd John Todd 47lbs

4th Peter Green 36lb 12oz

Well done guys. If you like bagging up this is the water for you!



Bishops Stortford Fete 22 June 2013

Three committee members, David Tadgell, Clive Costema and Jonathan Smales promoting Bishops Stortford Angling Society at this year's fete. There was a lot of interest and all the flyers about the club were taken.





 Fisheries Update June 2013 (start of season)

All fisheries fishing well.

Malcolm Baker: Good bags of silver fish on variety of baits with bonus tench, bream and crucian . A number of double figure carp have also been caught.

Beggars Hall: Fishing very good for all species now the weather has warmed up. Again most baits catching.

Hall Farm: Small lake close-in plenty of crucian and carp. Large lake plenty of carp, pellet fished shallow a good tactic in the warmer weather.


5 June 2013

Jonathan Smales fished Malcolm Barker Lake after work catching three bream and three tench (2 over 3lb) in just over 2 hours. All the fish were taken close in on float fished tackle and mini boilies. Jonathan fished a different swim a few days later, again in the evening and caught 3 more tench between 2 and 4lb.



9 March 2013

Jonathan Smales and Paul Gurton fished the town stretch for 3hrs in the afternoon. The weather cold but river perfect with colour and flow

Paul caught 30 roach and a perch using pole and either punch bread or maggot hookbaits.

Jonathan with running line and stick float caught 8 roach and this fantastic ghost koi weighing 15lb 4oz.

Many of the roach were over half pound in weight.



20th Feb 2013

Nine members fished a Wednesday match on the small lake at Beggars Hall for a total weight over 80lb. Top three weights were 37lb 8oz, 23lb and 7lb.

The weather was very cold and these weights were very respectable for this time of year.



November 2012

Club member Tony Read with a good 20lb mixed catch consisting of 5 chub, 20 perch and 2 dace caught in the town section.

He fished between 9.30am and 2pm on the town section opposite Kwik Fit.

The fish were caught on pole fished caster with caster/hemp groundbait




  29th May 2012

Commitee member Paul Gurton took advantage of a pre-season session on Malcolm Barker (rewarded to members attending all pre-season working parties). On a sunny afternoon he had three carp 17.5lb, 16lb and 13lb taken on floating crust. 

Here is a photo of the 16 pounder.





6th May 2012

Here is the photo of the a new club record perch from Beggars Hall. Caught 13.30 hrs on legered worm. Weighed and witnessed at 4lb 6oz.

The new record holder is club member Reg Speller